Rules & Regulations


  1. The Lab shall be used strictly for the e-learning of the SAP uAcademy.
  1. SAP uAcademy lab opening hours:
    • Monday to Friday: 7 - 10pm
    • Saturday: 8.30am – 10pm
    • Sunday: 8.30am – 6.30pm
    *Close 1 week before exam, during Public Holidays and SIM Shutdowns.


Public Holidays/SIM Shut Down

24-Dec-14 01-Jun-15
25-Dec-14 17-Jul-15
31-Dec-14 09-Aug-15
01-Jan-15 10-Aug-15
18-Feb-15 24-Sep-15
19-Feb-15 10-Nov-15
20-Feb-15 24-Dec-15
21-Feb-15 25-Dec-15
03-Apr-15 31-Dec-15


  1. Technical support is provided to the software and hardware installed in the Lab. For assistance, please refer to the table below.
Extension 6248xxxx
24 hours
E & F
Lab Support
2pm-10pm (Weekdays) 8.30am-10pm (Sat)
8.30am-6.30pm (Sun)


  1. The Lab must be properly maintained and kept clean at all times.

  2. Copying of any software to or from the hard disk of any computer in the Lab is not allowed without the prior permission of SIM University.

  3. No computer games are allowed in the Lab.

  4. Anyone caught vandalising the Lab hardware equipment and furniture will be dealt with severely.

  5. Anyone caught removing, dismantling cables or spare parts from any hardware equipment will be dealt with severely.

  6. Any damages/corruption to the software and hardware equipment must be reported to the administrators immediately.

  7. All students strictly prohibited installing any software downloaded from the Internet onto the Lab PCs or use unauthorised software.

  8. Surfing of pornographic, online gaming or any other inappropriate websites is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be dealt with severely

  1. Students are advised not to save any of their own data on the PCs. Administrators will not be responsible for any data lost.

  1. Disciplinary actions will be taken against students who do not comply with the rules and regulations.
  1. SIM University reserves the right to bar any student from using the Lab if the rules and regulations are not adhered to.
  1. Administrators reserves the right to makes changes to the rules and regulation without prior notice.

  2. No eating, drinking and smoking in the Lab.

Student Learning Guide

This is a student learning guide for UniSIM-SAP eAcademy students.


1. SAP LMS (Learning Management System)

Note: First time access will experience slightly slow connection to server.

After you logon, you will see Learning Solutions section on the left side of the browser. Click 'My Courses' to access your course. Under My Training Activities, you can see all the modules that you need to complete. Click 'Start now' to access the module.

Hardcopy notes are only available for core modules including Financial Accounting I/II; Order Fulfillment I/II; Procurement I/II. The rest of the modules are basic courses (10 hours to complete). Exercises are available after each Unit found in the Hardcopy notes.

For query, please first find your question under FAQs. Secondly, you need to submit a query ticket using 'Ask the Expert' under My Training Activities. You can get back your query at the same place. Thirdly, should you require instant chat meeting with the expert, you can arrange for Adobe Connect session.

This training environment offers mainly the Presentation Slides of the course attended. To start, please make sure that you explore the Navigation Module to familiarize yourself with the LMS interface. Please also read this document 'Guidelines to Escalating Queries'. For Adobe Connect Chat Session, kindly arrange with SME the time/date first. SME will confirm and provide you the Adobe Connect URL link. What you need to do is to go to the exact URL link, Enter as a Guest (Type your name: "LMS ID"). See Details of Adobe Connect.

Timing of Help Desk: 7am-11pm(India Standard Time) Wed-Mon every week except India Public Holidays.


2. SAP Training Server (Logon via Citrix Client)

This server is for you to do exercises. You are encouraged to attempt every task in Exercises found in the Participant Handbook to deepen your understanding of the topics taught in every Unit. Exercises and Solutions can be found at the end of every Unit.

For assistance in lab facilities, please contact:

Extension 6248xxxx
Lab Support
2pm-10pm (Weekdays) 8.30am-10pm (Sat)
8.30am-6.30pm (Sun)


NOTICE: ZME/ F38/ F08 Server refresh activities is scheduled on Friday and Saturday at the end of the month.

Password will be reset to 'welcome' after every server refresh activity.

1. You can only access to SAP Training Server via Citrix Client during 6am to 11pm India Standard Time.

2. The CSG User and Password will be updated via email before the beginning of the month.


CSG User ID and Password for November 2014:

        Indian Standard Time
Start Date End Date CSG User Password Start time End time
28-Oct-14 2-Nov-14 INELEARN25 thaychel 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
3-Nov-14 7-Nov-14 INELEARN26 6lymot6i 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
8-Nov-14 12-Nov-14 INELEARN27 thownepa 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
13-Nov-14 17-Nov-14 INELEARN28 thilbyst 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
18-Nov-14 22-Nov-14 INELEARN29 kormexsn 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
23-Nov-14 27-Nov-14 INELEARN30 kra1ferd 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
28-Nov-14 2-Dec-14 INELEARN31 s5oyhord 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
3-Dec-14 7-Dec-14 INELEARN32 naiflowf 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
8-Dec-14 12-Dec-14 INELEARN33 4el1ouji 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
13-Dec-14 17-Dec-14 INELEARN34 kralchyc 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
18-Dec-14 22-Dec-14 INELEARN35 smelcadr 6:00 AM 11.00 PM
23-Dec-14 27-Dec-14 INELEARN36 pasarjil 6:00 AM 11.00 PM



SAP Certification Guides:

ICT371: SAP Financial Accounting (FI)

ICT373: SAP Management Accounting (CO)

ICT375: SAP Procurement (MM)

ICT377: SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

ICT379: SAP Manufacturing (PP)