Attending POSSE APAC at NYP for the first 2 days and we have been trying to complete some exercises in an unstructured way. We were being given some problems and asked to blog about and expect some answers will be coming in from fellow Open Source friends. Seems like posting a question in a forum/irc channel and etc.

Some problems I have encountered:

Unable to SSH to fedorapeople.org (Permission Denied error).

Software Freedom Day

The time of the year has come again (apart from the PC Show, SITEX and COMEX). This year’s  Software Freedom Day (Singapore) will be hosted at the National Library Board (NLB) this coming Friday (18th Sep).

The event will have an agenda of public sessions and exhibits showing the consumers the power of Open Source and the community behind it. Understand how you can use Open Source software to your advantage into increasing your productivity as well as saving costs.  Open source is not longer tag to geeks, nerds and techies anymore but for consumers. You will be in for a surprise on how Open Source has revolve rapidly over this economic downturn to enable more users into using Open Source software. Let us spread the joy of using Open Source in this 2 day event.

Come and join us this coming Friday and Saturday. You might also want to check us the local site and global site.

Free Talk @ UniSIM Open House

UniSIM will be having its Open House this Saturday and there are 2 talks focusing on Open Source. The first talk will be conducted by Mr. Lim Kin Chew, where he will be covering topics like the regional Open Source landscape, job opportunities and sharing career development tips.

UniSIM is currently offering 2 Open Source courses together with Red Hat APAC, the Graduate Diploma/Executive Masters in Open Source Software Management (OSOM). This course has its first intake of students in the Graduate Diploma and they are expected to graduate this coming October. Students can expected also earn industry certifications such as the Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) to Red Hat Certified Archtitect (RHCA) during course duration.  This ensures that students are industry-ready upon graduation.

As for the 2nd talk, it will be focusing on Fedora 11, the latest Operating System (OS) and covering the latest features of it (just too many to name).

Introduction of productivity and desktop tools will also be introduced to participants to allow them to feel the power of Open Source technology and the its benefits. Of course, a free LIVE CD will be given aways to all participants.

See you guys this Saturday.